Not Exactly Rocket Surgery

This Oxford and Cincinnati insurance office is not saying never to post on social media or that it is bad. My social media risk management tip is simple, think twice before you type a message, post a picture or join a group. This blog article could go on and on with examples of how things put on social media sites have come back to hurt individuals. It was a great article and sited a few examples of how those old Facebook or MySpace photo posts or text posts can come back to haunt individuals. The most famous example being Stacy Snyder who lost her teaching job because of a picture she had on MySpace. We are just doing our job as risk managers and encouraging you to have fun but to be cautious in what you write or post. In the mean time if you have received notice from your bank that you are now in a flood zone and must purchase flood insurance feel free to get in touch with your friendly Fey Insurance Representative. This is a key issue especially since a number of areas in Ohio are being resurveyed and rezoned on the national flood insurance map.

The per occurrence limit doesn’t cover for actual areas of a building that the tenant rents or leases. 1,000,000 per occurrence limit. Another limitation is that the three states classified as having complete insurance coverage (Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) may in fact limit coverage for some women. Homes that were once in Zone C or X which mean they are not in a 100 year flood zone are now being classified as a Zone A or other Zone which puts them in a 100 year flood zone. The ironic thing about this whole situation is that right now, as of the day this blog entry was written, you can not purchase flood insurance. Hardly a day goes by without someone suggesting ways to me to game the system in their favor. However, a homeowner would be liable if someone decides to sue as a result of tripping over a crack or other irregularity on your walkway.

The organization has researchers, analysts, lawyers and a front line view of how hard it is for seniors and the disabled to figure out Medicare by answering over 14,000 helpline calls per year. Insurable risks include losses to property resulting from fire, explosion, windstorm, etc.; losses of life or health; and the legal liability arising out of use of automobiles, occupancy of buildings, employment, or manufacture. Most people who use a limited divorce do not yet have enough grounds for an absolute divorce, need immediately financial relief, and/or cannot settle their differences between themselves. Stupid Insurance can be purchased immediately after your doc tells you that you need extensive testing such as MRI, CT or even surgical biopsy. She even fought the situation in court and after two years of legal battle she lost in a federal district court. Two contracts would be involved if you did not purchase rental car insurance from the rental car company. The insurance score takes into account two major categories. A number of years ago a new factor was added to this list for both home and auto insurance called insurance score. An insurance score helps insurance companies determine the future likelihood of auto or home claims.

Each of these contracts can be different depending on which rental car company you are using, which state you are in and which personal auto insurance company you have. The contracts would be the one between you and the rental car company (the one you sign in order to rent the car) and the contract between you and your personal auto insurance company. Like medical and health insurance auto insurance generally offers an owner the security from the deficits caused by traffic collisions, thievery, along with other liabilities connected using these. The first is your past claims history, meaning what claims have been reported and paid by the home and/or auto insurance company. He lived in a small town and he only had to drive 3 miles from home to work. You should confirm this information with your insurance carrier prior to filing a claim, especially if your damages are small. Jeff is lucky. Every year, thousands of other Jet Skiers are not so lucky, and are either killed or maimed in such collisions. This represents the maximum value which an insurer would be prepared to pay in the event that all the insured’s possessions are lost.